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The old HOWTO can be found here. It’s rather old, but worth a read. Please report inaccuracies here.

New things are below :

How to remove a replicated volume?

In one cool step:

    purgevol_rep --kill <volName>

The purgevol_rep is a small script which does the following things :

  1. get the list of volumes on CODA server server1:

     volutil -h server1 getvolumelist
  2. you will get something like:

     Wtmp_root.1 I2000016 H2 P/vicepa m0 M0 U2 W2000016 C47fb282d D47fb282d B0 A0
  3. if you want to remove this volume, then you type this:

     volutil purge 2000016 tmp_root.1

    Note: 2000016 is the volume ID and tmp_root.1 is the internal name of the volume.

  4. the message will be:

     V_BindToServer: binding to host server1
     Volume 02000016 (tmp_root.1) successfully purged

auth2 and 2 servers in a realm (1 SCM and 1 non-SCM)

When you run “/etc/init.d/auth2.init start” on the SCM, you will get an “auth2” process with no options.

On the non-SCM, you’ll get an “auth2” process with “-chk” option. See “man auth2” for details.

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