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(You get a certain path to your home directory per “name service domain”, i.e. computers sharing a common view of account information. Such “domain” can be as small as a single home computer or as big as several thousands computers at a corporation.)

By the way, do not be tempted to think about connecting this Unix name service concept to Coda (from time to time people ask about possible libnss_ modifications to deal with Coda), Coda ids and Unix ids are fundamentally incompatible with each other.

I can not stress this too much, there is a fundamental incompatibility. Unix “name service domain” always spans over a limited number of computers with common administration, while service of each Coda realm spans over all computers of the world and the same computer can use many independent Coda realms simultaneously. For reference, approaches like libnss-afs http://deleuze.hcoop.net/~megacz/software/libnss-afs.html are fundamentally inapplicable in a global context (this is essentially a hack to get some consistency in an AFS client campus managed and used together with a single AFS realm).

Now to the home directory path. It is unfortunately not you as a user but the “name service domain” administrator who sets the path and you may be unable to influence the choice.

This may imply that you get different home directories on different computers.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get a homedir path of your choice and if you have got a personal place on Coda, you may find it convenient to use that place as your home.

Once you have your files with you everywhere, you may also want to let the whole environment follow you as well, using Dapty from the Aetey guys who try to get their living by using (and contributing to) Coda.


How to work around silly applications

Q: Conflicts on .bash_history are driving me nuts

A: In your bash startup file set


If you are running Dapty, just add this line to your ~/.miljo/config

Q: How to do a corresponding operation with less (~/.lesshst)

A: In the same way, e.g. with:


Q: Conflicts again, now under .mozilla!

A: Presumably you tend to run browsers on several hosts at the same time, and they are unfortunately ignorant of file systems

  1. spanning many computers
  2. capable of being disonnected / without lock promises

    Create separate browser profiles for each host you are using Mozilla on. If you want to share bookmarks - let the profiles include href-links to each other’s bookmarks. The conflicts might happen but will be relatively rare - and can be dealt with by

     cfs listlocal .        # you see that the first CML entry refers to ..../.mozilla/...../appreg or similar
     cfs discardlocal .     # usually you do not need the modifications

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