Configure Coda without DNS

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For coda to work smoothly you’re really better off setting up your DNS records properly. Each host needs a name as well as an IP and each collection of servers (even if your collection of servers consists of only one server) needs a realm name. Jan Harkes gives a good overview of realms and how to create dns records that allow coda clients to automatically determine all of the servers in a given realm here:

See What is all the fuss about DNS.

If you don’t have modification access to a DNS service (not connected to Internet?? there are free such services there!) then you can still setup coda, but you need to properly configure each of the servers and clients. And if you add a new server, then each client’s configuration will need to be updated. Not a great idea.


Good luck.


I expect the instructions above will work as windows machines have hosts files. The Locations of those is %WINDIR%/system32/drivers/etc/

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