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Suppose you have a directory and the permissions are set like this:

    # cfs listacls /coda/myrealm
         System:AnyUser  rl
    System:Administrators  rlidwka

So that you know any user (aka all users and the unauthenticated user) have read and list permissions. Now suppose you go to test those permissions and get something like this:

    # ls /coda/myrealm
    ls: /coda/myrealm/: Permission denied

As of Apr 13, 2005, this is a bug in coda that occurs when you have already at some point used clog to log in as a coda user with the same unix user and machine. So if you use the cunlog command to log out, you can expect to see this behavior. If you try your ls command again using a fresh unix account, you should see the desired results. See this mailing list thread ( for more details.

This bug is fixed in the current CVS version (Mar 3, 2005), and the fix will be included in Coda-6.0.9. Ofcourse some people like the existing behavior since it allows the user to avoid accessing objects that have been fetched over a untrusted connection. Jan Harkes 04:15, 16 Apr 2005 (CEST)

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